Hook Spit Platinum Performance Braid

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Hook Spit Platinum Performance Braid is manufactured with the highest Microfilament PE Braid Line Technology on the market. This design allows for increased wind resistance, sensitivity, and distance in every cast. Designed with the input of Pro Angler and Guides to handle the harshest conditions of saltwater and all-day grind of bass tournament fishing.

  • Round and smooth design increases casting distance and overall fishability
  • Small diameter to test LB ratio; 4 Strand PE Braid, from 20lb - 50lb
  • Extremely low memory - Easy to cast and handle in windy conditions
  • Zero stretch and extreme sensitivity to deliver a better catch ratio and hookset
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals and the extreme conditions of saltwater
  • Low moisture absorption and a very low friction resistance
  • Self-lubricating properties and is highly resistant to abrasion (being 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel)
  • Uses in manufactured products like a bulletproof vest, climbing equipment, parachutes, and sails
  • Nontoxic and environmental friendly

Hook Spit Platinum Performance braid is manufactured with 4 strand Microfilament PO Line Technology. This space-age product is smooth and round and has increased strength than larger diameter mono and fluorocarbon lines. A variety of line colors are available for less visibility in the muddiest to clearest water conditions.

Hook Spit Performance Braid is an extremely low memory which allows for less backlash on all types of reels and increased wind resistance when casting in windy conditions and sails right through your guides for increased targeting.

Hook Spit Performance Braid is designed with a zero-stretch factor to increase catch ratio and hookset capabilities in all types of fishing conditions.

Hook Spit Performance Braid is self-lubricating and low moisture absorption that will help increase the life of your reel by decreasing wear on your bearings and spool.

The Hook Spit Performance Braid's Microfilament PE Braid fibers are 15 times more resistant to absorption. Made from the same material as bulletproof vests, parachutes, climbing ropes, and sails. Hook Spit Performance Braid is a must for fishing in all types of underwater structure.

Hook Spit Performance Braid is so superior it lets you feel every rock, bump, and limb, even little nibbles are detected. It's hard to believe Hook Spit Performance Braid cost less than other high-quality braids and offers everything you need for an outstanding fishing performance.

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Hook Spit Platinum Braid

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